Creatio admin training

Creatio admin training

Creatio admin training

Who should take this course?

The admin training is designed for Creatio Aaministrators responsible for the setup,configuration, and maintenance of the Creatio CRM system.


Solid conceptual understanding of CRM systems and technical understanding.

Creatio administration and configuration

  • Creatio interface setup. Section wizard. Detail wizard
    • Cretio configuration tool
    • Creating sections
    • Setting up sections
  • Creatio object data model
    • What is an object
    • Where do we use objects in Creatio
    • Why is it important to work with objects?
    • General information about object structure
    • Primary data types of object columns
    • Analyst options when working with objects
    • User customization tools for setting up objects – detail wizard and section wizard
  • User and role management, access permissions
    • Access permission structure in Creatio
    • User and role setup
    • Operation permission
    • Object permission
    • Column permission
    • Record permission
  • System setting and lookups
    • Creatio configuration tools
    • Creating sections
    • Setting up sections
  • Portals
    • Portal user management
    • Portal customisation
    • Portal sections

Business process management in Creatio

  • Introduction to business process
  • Modelling your first process
    • How to start
    • Process designer
    • Best practice and examples
  • Business process execution
    • How to monitor business processes, run, resume, complete or cancel and disable business processes
  • Events and flows in the process designer
    • Start and end events
    • Intermediate events
    • Flows
    • Gateways
  • Working with data in business processes and process parameters
    • Data in Creatio and how to work with it.
    • Working with parameters
    • Formulas and calculations
    • Permissions
  • Process designer, user actions
  • Process designer, special actions
  • How to setup a dynamic case
  • Business process support
    • Process monitoring