Service Creatio

Automate your service process with Service Creatio

Service Creatio

Service Creatio

Service Creatio is a cloud application with out-of-the-box processes for full-cycle service management to automate and manage your omnichannel communications.

The Customer Center version provides the means to improve agent productivity, increase first contact resolutions, reduce agent training and handle time, and improves the service-to-sales conversion.
The more premium, Service Enterprise version, which is based on the ITSM methodology, provides a platform for businesses seeking to automate internal and external service processes and optimizetheir workforce efficiency.

Creatio’s powerful business process engine enables the execution of multiple processes simultaneously with a high level of system performance.
Service Creatio’s clean and easy to use interface provides effortless access to all information necessary to elevate the customer service experience by delivering best-practice knowledge management.

ITSM processes implemented in Creatio:

  • Managing the service catalogue
  • Managing the service quality level
  • Managing incidents and service requests
  • Managing problems
  • Managing the configuration items
  • Managing changes
  • Managing product updates
  • Managing the knowledge

Studio Enterprise

You can optimize the following processes with bpm’online studio

Business Processes

Automate all internal processes from document approval to collaboration on complex projects with multiple teams. You can effectively manage your business processes. This includes process execution, modelling, monitoring and analysis.

Case Management

With Dynamic Case Management (DCM), you can better manage and automate unstructured processes and gain more flexibility.

System Designer

The bpm’online platform offers you an user-friendly interface and almost unlimited possibilities to customize and configurate individual applications.

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