Creatio user training

Creatio user training

Creatio user training

Who should take this course?

New or existing End Users such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Business Development


Basic understanding of CRM.

Topics covered

Creatio Basics

  • Creatio interface overview
    • Application interface overview
    • Workplaces for different user groups
    • Communication panel, command line, and other tools
    • Structuring data in Creatio
    • Filters and folders
  • Customer base management. Contacts and accounts
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
    • Customer base update
  • Analytics in Creatio. Working with dashboards
    • Receiving and analysing data in Creatio
    • Setting up dashboards
    • Changing the analytical data displayed in sections via
      filters and folders

Marketing Creatio Functionality

  • Email with Marketing Creatio
    • Email marketing tools
    • Who is included in mass email?
    • Communicating with real recipients
    • Building an email template
    • Result analysis
    • Split tests
  • Marketing automation with campaigns
    • General overview of campaigns and “Email” sections
    • Creating marketing campaigns
    • Adding campaign audience
    • Adding email templates to a campaign
    • Campaign flow
    • Removing participants from campaigns
    • Campaign analytics
    • How to connect your website landing page to Creatio
  • Lead management
    • General overview of “Leads” section and Lead managent
    • Lead registration
    • Processing leads
    • Lead qualification
    • Analytics

Sales Creatio functionality

  • Lead management
    • General overview over “Leads” section and lead management
    • Lead registration
    • Processing leads
    • Lead qualification
    • Analytics
  • Sales and opportunity management
    • Opportunity page
    • Corporate sales process
    • How to work with the corporate sales process
    • How to work with the sales pipeline
  • Managing orders and invoices
    • Managing orders
    • Managing product catalogue
    • Agent desktop
    • Invoice and contracts in orders
    • Landings

Service Creatio Functionality

  • ITSM in Creatio
    • Managing the service catalogue
    • Managing the service quality level
    • Managing incidents and service requests
    • Managing problems
    • Managing configuration items
    • Managing changes
    • Managing product updates
    • Managing knowledge
  • How to process cases
    • Case registration
    • Taking a case into processing
    • Searching for solution
    • Communication with the case customer
    • Resolving and collecting feedback
  • Managing Feedback
    • Scale setup
    • Setting up how customer satisfaction affects a case life cycle
    • Setting up feedback channels
    • Setting up questions for customer feedback
    • Setting up the time frequency of gathering feedback
    • Viewing gathered feedback
  • Contact centre, queues and agent desktop
    • Omni channel communication with customers in Creatio
    • Queues: Setting up the case processing order
    • Managing knowledge