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CXFS Event


Location : Leonardo Royal Hotel London City, UK

Date : 27th – 28th June 2023

Key Speakers:

  • Ranila Ravi-Burslem, Distribution Director, Lloyds Banking Group

  • Gleb Ivanov, Director, Barclays Wealth Management

  • Edmund Towers, Head of Regtech & Advanced Analytics, Financial Conduct Authority

  • Conrad Ford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

  • Tracey Davidson, Deputy CEO, Handelsbanken

  • Robert Garlick, Managing Director, Citi

  • Will McCurrach, Global Head of Digital Platform & Experience, HSBC

  • Ian Goulding, Head of Insight Operations, NatWest Group

  • Matthew Cottam, Head of Channel and Business Support, TSB

  • Jason Maude, Chief Technology Advocate, Starling Bank

  • Vivek Jain, Head of Audit – Insurance, Pensions and Investments, Lloyds Banking Group

  • Natalie Fuller, Head of Customer Experience and Communication, Cashplus Bank

  • Kanika Bhatia, Head of Digital Content and Strategy, ANZ Bank Melbourne Australia

  • Kirstie Ross, Sustainability Lead, TSB

  • Thomas Simpson, Managing Director, Yorkshire Building Society

  • Janthana Kaenprakhamro, CEO, Tapoly

  • Thomas Girling, Head of Regulated Advice, Skipton Building Society

  • Emma Lane, Head of Client, Allica Bank

Event Highlights :

Our COO, Tooba Ahmed, wowed the crowd at CXFS with her speech on revolutionizing team collaboration through monday. Focusing on financial services, she showcased the use case of fund approval, highlighting how monday streamlines workflows, boosts productivity and optimizes decision-making.

A remarkable presentation that showcased Tooba's expertise and the power of monday and our commitment to exceptional service.

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