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Partnership with Aulysius

Aulysius Team

With Aulysius, always on trend.

Marketing Team

Rina Geraldez - Sales Support

Sales Support

Rina Grace Geraldez

I am a sales support with a technical background. Beyond my administrative skills, I am a firm believer in building strong relationships and effective communication. 

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Mateusz Nowok - Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

Mateusz Nowok

As a proactive Marketing team member,  my responsibilities include leading comprehensive research to develop effective strategies. 

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Product Consultant Team

Nicolas Denhof - Product Consultant

Product Consultant

Nicolas Denhof

Nicolas is an ambitious and results orientated Product Consultant covering the European Market, with experience in the SaaS, IT & Pharma sectors. 

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Sheena Ganadores - Product Conultant

Product Consultant

Sheena Ganadores

A successful track record of selling a variety of SaaS/IT products across the GCC and other MENA markets. Possessing strategic thinking abilities, a deep understanding of market dynamics, and industry trends.

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Mehraj Khan - Head of Sales

Head of Sales/ Product Consultant

Mehraj Khan

13 years of experience including 10 years of core sales experience in SaaS based products. He's helping companies in Start-up domain to increase the revenues by formulating the sales processes using latest technologies. 

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Professional Services Team

Azif Hidayath - Implementation Consultant

Implementation Consultant

Azif Hidayath

Azif Hidayath is a tech enthusiast and problem solver with experience in insurance, consulting, and venture capital. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Management from London Business School.


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Steven Jacobs - Developer


Steven Jacobs

As a developer, I specialize in seamlessly integrating onto partners' platforms by constructing tailored APIs to address unique client requirements. Additionally, I create intuitive applications aimed at enhancing client workflow efficiency.

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Colin Billhardt - Implementation Consultant

Implementation Consultant

Colin Billhardt

As an implementation consultant I specialize in assisting clients in the

seamless adoption of new software solutions. My expertise ensure clients harness the full potential of the software, optimizing processes and achieving their strategic solutions. 

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Customer Success Team

Juile Anne Cortez - CSM

​Customer Success Manager

Julie Anne Cortez

A data-driven Customer Success Manager with experience centered around optimizing customer satisfaction and maximizing retention through data-driven strategies. 

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Rusheel Roy Suddhoo - CSM

​Customer Success Manager

Rusheel Roy Suddhoo

Rusheel, our dedicated Customer Success 

Manager, brings a wealth of experience in 

Business Consulting across diverse

industries. He is passionate about implementation strategies, driving sales initiatives, and enhancing the overall

customer growth and experience.

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Pratik Solapurwala - CSM

​Customer Success Manager

​Pratik Solapurwala

Pratik Solapurwala, a skilled and results driven Customer Success Manager with a knack for analytical thinking and effective problem-solving in the consulting industry. Coupled with a solid grasp of financial concepts, Pratik is your go-to expert for

navigating challenges and delivering

impactful solutions.

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