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Say hello to monday AI

Automate work, supercharge your content, and spark new ideas with monday AI.

Powered by Azure OpenAI’s advanced models covering a breadth of use cases.

Elevate Your Work with monday AI:
Unlocking the Power of Efficiency

Working Together


  • Write a blog post

  • Prepare campaign strategy

  • Create content brief

Job interview


  • Ideas for interview questions

  • Summarize HR call

  • Generate onboarding plan

Visual Project

Project management

  • Summarize kickoff meeting

  • Break project into tasks

  • Create meeting agenda



  • Write internal KB article

  • Compose incident summary

  • Calculate yearly budget

Sales Agent


  • Compose prospect email

  • Prepare GTM strategy

  • Summarize call transcripts



  • Create requirement template

  • Summarize retro notes

  • Prepare release plan

Generate tasks

Get a head start

Turn project ideas into actionable tasks in seconds.

Generate content

Generate compelling content

Turn your ideas into polished content with AI, from blog articles to ad copy.

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Text editor

Make your message stand out

Rephrase text to say exactly what you mean before you hit send.

Email Composer

Send emails 10x faster

Quickly create any type of email using AI smart template suggestions.

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Recap in seconds

Summarize lengthy topics so you can focus on what’s important.

Formula Builder

Craft complex formulas

Expert or not, monday AI suggests formulas that best fit your use case.

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Build any kind of AI app with our open platform

With's open platform, easily build apps that serve a wide range of business needs, from sentiment analysis to CX chatbots.

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