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At Aulysius, we are driven by a passion for cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Our mission is to break down silos, align organizations, and elevate teams for unparalleled success.

By leveraging our expertise, businesses have witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in productivity. Imagine the impact this could have on your bottom line. Platinum Partner Platinum Partner

You can find us in London, Dubai and Munich.

Trusted by over 500 clients worldwide

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We are Aulysius

Aulysius is an information technology consultancy and solution provider. We are your go-to partner for best-in-class solutions. To help you reduce your costs and streamline.


Doing the best for your request


We help you integrate your multi applications to ensure you can streamline your work for maximum productivity thereby boosting your business


As part of our duties, we evaluate and analyze the organization's training needs as well as develop training programs and procedures

Managed Services

Offering ongoing support and complete management of your solutions we take care of your request and solve the challenge


We collaborate with industry leading software providers to develop customised solutions to better serve your needs

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Platinum Partner

We are proud of being a platinum partner of for the UK, DACH & Dubai region and powering famous enterprises.

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Partnership with Aulysius